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Harp & flute requires approx 7' x 5' of space. Please be aware that if playing in a marquee for example, the harp needs a solid and level floor space. Amplification is not usually required; however, if the room size and number of guests is particularly large, we will provide our own amplification and liaise with the venue accordingly.

Flute & guitar requires approx 5' x 4' of space. The duo usually play acoustically especially in intimate settings. However, if the room is large, or for playing outdoors, the guitarist may use some amplification.

Both duos are experienced in adapting the volume to suit the particular event or venue.

We arrive early to set up and dress elegantly in black. However, we are also happy to match with your colour scheme if you wish.

Feel free to call or email anytime for a quote or with any questions
Rosie 07939 508462 / 020 8863 1365     Or email info@affinityharpandflute.co.uk